Welcome to Holiday Photo Magic! ​​​​​
Holiday Photo Magic is a year-round Christmas studio nestled in the heartland of the USA in Springfield, Missouri.
At Holiday Photo Magic, we specialize in bringing the enchantment and magic of Christmas to life, working closely with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Christmas Elf performers eager to elevate their portfolio and portrayal. While not every Claus performer may require a professional portfolio, those in search of eye-catching and dynamic imagery find their starting point with us.
Our creative mastermind, Jessica Rosa is one of the most recognized and sought-after Christmas photographers. Her acclaim extends not only for the precision and technical mastery evident in her work but also for the incredible experience she weaves into every session. Embark on this amazing journey as we help you to transform into the most beloved Christmas characters!
FROM ARTIST JESSICA ROSA - I have always believed in Santa Claus, not just the one popularized by commercialism, but the one that performs the most beloved act of kindness, compassion, and generosity. In a time where virtues seem to be almost nonexistent, believing that giving is better than getting is why Santa Claus is so special. Movie magic and storytelling have become so commonplace, we forget that the origin of Santa transcends cultures and religion. His story is a connection of love and humanity, it's not localized to one household, region or nation - it's global. Through my heart, lens, and the passion of my subjects - together we strive to create images of Christmas that open your heart to remind you - the magic of Christmas is very real and Santa Claus really does exist. 
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