Jessica Rosa
Herald as "Santa's Official Photographer" by the professional performing community, Jessica Rosa is an artist who uses her photography background to create highly conceptionalized imagery capturing the spirit of Christmas through iconic, nostalgic, and at times, humorous images of Santa, Mrs. Claus and their Elves.  

Working at Santa School in Texas

Starting out as a wedding assistant in her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota for the local professional photographer, Jessica (Lamb) Rosa knew photography was deeply embedded in her heart and mind as if it was written in her DNA. The simple act of creating photography wasn't her driving motivation, rather the intrinsic value and characteristics of light, math, art, emotion and spirit all simultaneously existing in one photograph while capturing a singular moment in time. This is next level kind of stuff for Jessica, where photography is far beyond the push of a mechanical button.
"One of the things I used to do when I created family portraits was to have the family touch or hold each other. By combining their energy, through love and laughter even if I failed as a photographer (technically), it was overlooked or forgiven because the power of the image was in the remembrance of love." - Jessica Rosa
After apprenticing under three highly successful photographers, Jessica opened her own studio in Springfield, Missouri in the summer of 1995 and called it the Lamb Portrait Studio. What started out as home studio grew into a fulltime portrait boutique with multiple photographers, a production team, and clerical staff. After tens upon thousands of portrait sessions and several hundred weddings, Jessica closed the studio in 2012 to become a freelancer while hoping to have a little more time being a Mom. 
On the heels of a recession, where many turned to photography as a source of second income while the rise in digital and cell phone cameras further evolved the photography industry, she focused her work into a little niche of commercial portraits of Santa & Mrs. Claus. Years later, she is now starting to re-emerge as a portrait photographer only during the Holiday season by offering photos 'with' Santa & Mrs. Claus.
Within the coming years, Jessica hopes to create a year round Christmas business nestled right here in the Ozarks, a region known for it's folksy traditional heritage and strong Christian roots.

Family Christmas Card

Lamb Portrait Studio 1995-2012

North Pole Experience at warehouse location

Christmas Studio at retail location 

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