Meet Jessica Rosa

Working at Santa School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The moment you step into Jessica Rosa’s enchanting year-round North Pole Studio you are transported into a magical world! 
Jessica Rosa is an award-winning photographer and designer with over 30 years of legitimate professional expertise, where she owned and managed a highly successful portrait business for 20 years. Within her rich portfolio and legacy of excellence, she has redefined the art of Christmas photography by elevating it to an unparalleled level. 
Now as a freelance artist, Jessica Rosa is one of the most sought-after professionals in the Christmas community where she elevates your image and performance while simultaneously creating a cherished memory being a loved Christmas professional. 
Included in your a session is a one-on-one consultation with Jessica where she listens to your vision and focuses on bringing your portrayal to life. With your ideal audience in mind while tapping into her wealth of  professional experience and knowledge, she strategies with you to foster success while giving you a return on your investment. 
Showcasing photography by Jessica Rosa gets
people's attention! Identifying those who are really invested in their character development and portfolio!

Some Rosa Family Christmas Fun!

Former Lamb Portrait Studio Location 1995-2012

Current North Pole Experience warehouse location

Christmas Loft (Retail location in Nov-Dec 2022)

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