Jessica Rosa
Herald as "Santa's Official Photographer" by the Christmas community, Jessica Rosa is an artist who uses her photography background to create highly conceptionalized imagery capturing the spirit of Christmas through iconic, nostalgic, and at times, humorous images of Santa, Mrs. Claus and their Elves.  

Working at Santa School in Texas

Jessica Rosa is an accomplished photographer with over three decades of experience creating high-end studio portraits for a wide range of clients, including families, infants, weddings, events, editorial publications, and commercial use. Her extensive knowledge and skill in photography, coupled with her boundless creativity and imagination, enable Jessica to produce images that are above average in terms of quality and style.
Since 2016, Jessica has been offering her specialized photography services to the Christmas community, earning the distinction of being known as "Santa's Official Photographer." Her nostalgia-infused style captures the spirit and magic of Christmas, while also emphasizing storytelling moments that recall the famous painter Norman Rockwell. By depicting a day in the life of Santa and Mrs. Claus, Jessica offers viewers a unique opportunity to get to know these beloved holiday figures beyond the usual greetings and formal portraits.
Eventually Jessica hoping to open a full-time, year-round holiday-themed retail store building upon her existing reputation as a portrait photographer. To reflect this new direction, she has rebranded her business as Holiday Photo Magic, with plans to expand into merchandise and products that showcase her work. Jessica continues to be a beloved member of the holiday performing community, not only for the portraits she creates but also for her unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling and helping others elevate their own businesses.

Some Rosa Family Christmas Fun!

Former Lamb Portrait Studio Location 1995-2012

Current North Pole Experience warehouse location

Christmas Loft (Retail location in Nov-Dec 2022)

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