The North Pole Workshop Experience 
Unlike the typical "meet and greet" or "mini-session" Santa & Mrs. Claus experience, the North Pole Workshop Experience is ideal for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime interactive and ultimate experience.
 The children travel between real life theatrical sets doing a variety of activities such as: 
- Dropping your letter to Santa!
- Decorate freshly made sugar cookies
- Enjoying freshly made cookies with milk
- Checking the naughty and nice list, twice!
- Looking into Santa's special & magical snow globe
- Showing Santa where you live on the globe and learning about where he starts his trip
- Climbing into his Santa bag
- Helping Santa in the workshop, with a few last minute touches
- Making a Christmas card for a special someone
- Sitting in Santa's sleigh!
Each private visit is approximately 45 minutes with one on one time with Santa & Mrs. Claus! Ideal for children 5-9 years old, as they need to be able to move between sets and interact with Santa & Mrs. Claus. 
A studio fee of $295 is required to reserve the session. On the day of a session, a $300 is due which applied to your order as the minimum order. A variety of purchasing options are available which includes paper prints, albums, wall decor, gifts, digital files, and more. You can apply your minimum purchase credit towards a recording fee ($300), where you can take your own photos and videos behind the photographer. The following week, we will schedule a viewing of your photos at our Christmas Studio on Campbell.

If you purchased over $500 - we will credit back the recording fee! Meaning by spending a little extra you get to use your cell phone during the session to take your own photos and videos!  

For more information, contact us at or call 417-370-0351

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